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This blog is dedicated to BL games available in English.

Our goal is to provide information regarding available translations for BL games, or Boy's Love video games in general.

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Pics are from the BL game Lucky Dog and background is from Ransie3.

  takchik said:
For anon about Reconnect And Ren, the only bath scene i remember is for Koujaku route....unless there is a hidden route i haven't seen yet which is hard cause ive finished it all and the mini games...a few times xD lol trying to help some.

thank you! i hope this helps :)

  Anonymous said:
I have a really stupid question but where can I play the sex scene between ren and aoba when I think they are in a bathtub or something? I just finished rens good route on reconnect and that scene wasn't there so I want to know where I can play or download it ? Thanks!!!!

Ah, sorry for taking so long to answer this question, truth be told i have no idea, so i was trying to do research to figure out. The other admin might know, but until they come back ill just ask if anyone out there knows the question please let me know and I’ll edit this post with the answer.

I was wondering if you had a list of yaoi bl games that are good for apple? (like an iPod touch) love your blog it's super helpful!!!!

The games in the OELVN section are compatible with mac/linux/and windows. Also check out the mac tag that might help out as well.

  Anonymous said:
I was wondering, would it be possible for you to add a tag to warn for shotacon/underage/legal jailbait material in a game? Especially if it contains sexual material, such as DN.d: Poisoned that has a fourteen and thirteen year old boy having sex in some endings or AbsObey that has an adult fucking a PERFECTLY LEGAL EIGHTEEN YEAR OLD WHO LOOKS AND ACTS LIKE HE'S SEVEN. Just so it's easier for people to avoid that type of content if it's not their cup of tea.

oh! yes sorry about that I’ll get right to that thank you for telling me this. I’ll tag it as shotacon

Ok, I think I answered everyone’s questions. If I did not please message me again. Sorry, if I wasn’t much help. Perhaps when the other admin comes back she could answer some of these questions a bit better. 

  calw-walker said:
Hey, I'm on mobile right now but will have internet again tomorrow so I was wondering, do you have a DL for Silver Chaos 2: Artificial Mermaid, patched?

I can’t seem to find any info on it, and vndb doesn’t have one listed. The only thing I found was a couple youtube videos of gameplay with english translations. The uploader said they translated it themselves, so I’m not sure if there is a patch. Here’s the link if you’re intersted.

  Anonymous said:
Love you! Been dying to play some bl games but I couldn't find which ones had been translated. Also cannot wait till Coming Out On Top is finished. Been on the pre order list for ages. There needs to be more BL games!!!

Thank you! I’m glad you find this blog useful ^_^ I hope that game comes out soon, it looks like a lot of fun. 

  Anonymous said:
Hi! I hear that there will be an English demo patch for Akaya Akashiya Ayakashi no. Do you have any information on that?

There does seem to be an english patch, you can find the dev. tumblr here.

  Anonymous said:
Hiya, I just downloaded dmmd and its come up fine, but I'm not getting any sound?

Hmm…I’m sorry, I’m really am not sure how to fix that problem (The other admin is more tech savvy and might know but they’re currently on vacation.) I can suggest asking in the aarinfantasy thread or perhaps this tumblr might be useful.

Do you know if Hadaka Shituji Fandisk (Hadaka Shitsuji 2) is translated? Or if it is where can I find it? And is there anywhere I can find the Drama CD for Hadaka Shitsuji without downloading? :) Thank yew.

Hmm….I’m not sure. The only thing I found was this on aarinfantasy. Not sure if it contains an english patch or not. 

I can’t seem to find it without downloading it. I did find a download link (but if you really want to hear it without downloading let me know I’ll see if i can download it and upload it somewhere)