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Pics are from the BL game Lucky Dog and background is from Ransie3.

  Anonymous said:
hello. are there other bl games-centric blog out there? fyeahblgames seems to have deactivated. i wanna ask if you know others... thanks and sorry for troubling you.

Hmm…I think sexycleaningrobot could probably answer this one better, but since theyre away I’ll try my best. I tried looking and I couldn’t find any on tumblr >_< I only know of aarinfantasy and yaoi otaku. Which i think are more forums than blog? 

If anyone knows of any please let me know!

Sorry for taking so long to answer questions, sexycleaningrobot is currently on vacation and some questions require me to do research as I’m not sure of the answer. buut ive been uh partially lazy, partially addicted to hunter x hunter, but mostly working and stuff…

but that aside, I wanted to make this post asking if there was anything anyone would like to see more on EYG? I reblogged a drama cd related to lamento, i think at one time sexycleaningrobot and i had talked about perhaps adding more things related to yaoi games, that weren’t exclusive to games. Would you want to see that?

Anything else you think we can do to improve the blog? Please let us know at any time!

And again thank you very much for following and I’m glad that this blog turned out to be useful to others ^_^


Lamento -Beyond the Void-: Rhapsody to the Past

Track 1 Translation
Track 2 Part 1 Translation
Track 2 Part 2 Translation
Track 3 Translation
Track 4 Translation
Track 5 Translation
Track 6 Translation
Track 7 Translation
Track 8 Translation
Track 9 Translation
Track 10 Translation
Track 11 Translation
Track 12 Translation
Track 13 Translation
Track 14 Translation
Track 15 Translation

~Translations aren’t mine. Links lead to the original translation~

I know this isn’t the game itself, but it’s related to a yaoi game, so i thought i would post it. Plus it might help tie you over until the english patch is released. 




as in, literal, fully-detailed, rape. in both good and bad routes. there is also gore, cannibalism, decapitation, limb and eye removal, beastiality, some really gross meaty stuff, drug use, and a lot of other NASTIES.

PLEASE do not play the games if this content triggers you!!!! 

  dotspot25 said:
hello, I tried to download your lamento english patch and it does not seem to be working. every time i try it say its a redirect loop and the page does not come up. I just wanted to let you know so you could fix it =)

I don’t think there’s a working english patch for that game at the moment, it’s still being worked on. Here is the link to thier progress (also this link as well)

it looks like they have 20/26 chapters translated? 

  yhoanna801 said:
Hi, I was wondering where I can download or is it necessary to buy BL Games for my laptop.

Ah, sorry for late reply! anyway, it would be nice if you could buy BL games because it’s always great to support the game makers. You can buy absolute boyfriend and enzai at JastUSA annnnnd I’m not sure where you can buy other yaoi games. You can find a few on ebay they are very expensive. 

Anyway, because most japanese yaoi games are really expensive, it’s understandable that not everyone can go out and buy the games. so you can download them. My fav. place to download/torrent from is fuwanovel it has pretty much all yaoi games that are currently translated and have an english patch. 

(sexycleaningrobot i believe is on vacation and probably can answer this better, so when she comes back maybe she can edit this with more links) 

  Anonymous said:

im……not entirely too sure what this is to mean? are you calling us fags? are you making a comment on the content we post???? im not sure what one word is suppose to mean hold on lemme look it up in the dictionary


verb: fag; 3rd person present: fags; past tense: fagged; past participle: fagged; gerund or present participle: fagging
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"he didn’t have to fag away in a lab to get the right answer"

ooooh you’re saying we work very hard aww thats very nice of you thank you! we do our best to work hard on this blog ^_^ but i wouldn’t necessarily say that this is tedious, i mean its pretty easy to run especially with the extra help. 

No Thank You!!! getting an official English release


Great news for BL gamers!

After one of their translators leaking some hints about a possible translation for Pa-rade’s successful BL game a while back (see last paragraph), Mangagamer finally announced at Anime Expo 2014 three new game categories, BL games being one of them, as well as their first BL localization: No Thank You!!!

"We’re partnering up with pa-rade to bring the brand new BL-game, No, Thank You!! – a BL-game both women and men can enjoy!

When the protagonist saves a man from an out-of-control car, he loses his memories in the accident. With no means of identification on him, the man he rescued takes responsibility for him and brings him to a little bar on the outskirts of downtown call ‘sotano’.

Here at this cozy-looking jazz bar, the newly named Haru begins working as an apprentice bartender while hitting on his male coworkers and thrusting his way deeper into the dark side of their business–serving as detectives who take on cases even the police and legitimate agencies won’t touch.”

It would make No Thank You!!! the first major Japanese BL game getting an official English release since JAST USA’s localization of Enzai and Absolute Obedience back in 2006.


If you happen to remember this Sei fangame from a few months ago, there’s now an update for it, and it includes a short scene plus 3 event CGs (not the above) that had been cut out of the original game due to time constraints. Also, a writer friend took a machete to the script, so it should be a much smoother read now. A readback function has been added to the quick menu, but rollback should still be accessible through mouse scrolling.

Download links in the main post have been updated with the new version:
-Update only (6.5MB)
-Opium Eater main post

If you want to skip straight to the new scene, pick the second choices. The scene starts after “Anything for you, Sei (-san)”. If you just want the new CGs, pick the second choice and go from there. A new full completion CG should automatically be in the gallery for anyone who’s already completed the game before. The update shouldn’t affect existing save files, so sorry if any problems pop up.

Thanks E. for whipping the script into shape!