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Pics are from the BL game Lucky Dog and background is from Ransie3.


Calling all BL visual novel fans. I’m working on a solo project here, for a character-heavy BL visual novel with a complex choice-making structure. It’s called Winterblood, and It would mean a lot if you checked out this promo video I made. It’s to get everyone hyped and hopefully encourage me to work faster.

Hopefully, when everything is all said and done, it’ll be much more complicated than say, DMMd. I wanted the choices you make to have weight, and change more than which route you end up on. Speaking of routes, there are 8 in total, including one “true” ending. And yes, there will more than likely be NSFW content galore.

Official Lemmasoft thread


Batshit Tattoo Asshole: The Fangame Gambling Man (demo version)

Characters: Ryuuhou and Koujaku for now, Mizuki and Aoba to follow
Rating: PG for this demo, predicted to be around M for later updates. There will be no underaged sexual interaction.
Warnings: implied domestic violence, spiders, Ryuuhou being creeperiffic. Artistic license spammed like there’s no tomorrow.
Platforms: Windows, OSX, Linux
Length: 2.7k words over two branches

Note: The script was written before the anime and Koujaku’s summer drama CD, so it might not be canon-compliant. And for the love of all things holy, please don’t take the science seriously. Or anything else for that matter.
This was supposed to die in January as a set of notes after Sei was chosen *bitter laughter*. Let me know if the art direction and sound effects are working for you!

Download (40MB)

You live your life like a paper



Language: English
Creator: Minhee
Release Date: 2011-03-11
Genre: Visual Novel
Fandom: Glee
Engine: Ren’Py
Platform: Windows/Mac/Linux
Rating: unknown (All Ages?)
Website:  DeviantArt

Description: A Kurt/Sam Glee fanfic based on a story by Gemma (apparently no longer online).

Other Links:




Title: Bacchikoi!
Maker: Black Monkey
Rating: 18+ for hardcore gay sex
Category: complete OELVN
Platform: Windows! Mac! Linux! Android!!!
Released in: september 2014

Purchase in DLsite (censored 14.82$)

Purchase in Black Monkey  (censored 29.99$ / uncensored 59.99$)


Description (From Black Monkey)

The young transfer student, Toshu Kanada, gets himself recruited in a nearly-falling apart baseball club. His once small world opens up as he gets to know his teammates Ichiru and Masaru. Lead Toshu with his choices and take teamwork and friendship to a whole new level!

Captivating and enjoyable storyline with various routes leading to more than 6 different endings!

User-friendly interface and featuring an interactive mini-game!

Featuring Bacchikio! Original Soundtrack “Strike” by Mimi Neko, Mikkoukun and Kenji-B

Note: The link to the game page contains NSFW images at the bottom. There also seems to be a cencored and uncencored version. I haven’t played this game so I’m not sure how censored the censored version is. I assume no hardcore sex scenes.

2nd Note: It seems like this game only has 2 capturable characters, and according to vndb it takes less than 10 hours to complete it. You could also consider it a “nukige” (focuses more on sex than on the story).

Title: Sugar Shooter
Maker: Dudedle Studio
Category: Other - very short, plotless game
Rating: 18+ for nudity, gay buttsecks and rape
Release: first released in 2010
Platform: Windows-only, doesn’t seem to work with Wine?

Description from the SugarShooter Wiki:

Sugar Shooter is an erotic shoot’em up game! You take control of Satan-kun, the prince of the Sugar Kingdom, and protect your world from being consumed by the invaders. Beat them and make them pay for what they’ve done to your kingdom!

  • A bullet hell game with beautiful and challenging bullet patterns.
  • Finish the boss with special attack to destroy their armor.
  • Three difficulties to choose, ranging from the easy “Sweet” mode to a hard-core “Bitter” mode.
  • Multiple endings depending on your shmup gaming skill.

The first game is available for 15$, the 2rd one costs 20$.

Note: in case you think completing the game and getting all the CGs will be easy because it’s some indie gay porn video game let me tell you that you are DEAD WRONG. This game is hard as fuck and you won’t get to see much without some skill in shooting games. However, you can get an official easy patch to help you.

So I made a thing…


I have been addicted to N+C  BL games for a while, especially Togainu no Chi. So to express my love for it, I tried to make a TnC fan game. Yeah.


A Little Red Riding Hood themed comedy story.


In which characters are named after dog and cat, or ridiculous things.

The game is mostly finished, script, CGs, sprites are all done, All that left is SFX and music, which I’m looking for  at the moment. More information could be found in my thread in Lemmasoft forum.

I’m hoping to get help  testing  and proof reading  the game. I’m not a native English speaker, so these are a lot of grammar mistakes and awkward proses.Also since this is my first time making a visual nomal, something could come out awkward  so I’m hoping for a second opinion. If anyone is interested, please  send me an ask, I will answer privately.

Warning: The game is full of spoilers. In fact it’s a parody of TnC story line, so it’s not recommended for those who didn’t but still plan to play TnC.

I'm putting together a list of freeware BL games; would it be cool if I used your #EBLG tag for the English freeware games I post about? I want people to find out about them, but I don't want you to feel like I'm hijacking your tag, since I'm not a developer (and I'll probably be dumping a bunch of posts in the next few days). Thank you!

First of all,

salutations, we’re delighted to get to know another BL-game blog! :D

Well, the #EBLG tag is mainly “targeted” towards game developpers to make official announcements about their work, with preferably their point of view. However, contributions from BL game players would be a huge help for everyone. What’s more, making another tag for game posts from tier Tumblers means more work for us. Also it wouldn’t be nice of us to spread infos about OELVNs and forbid others from doing so.

 That’s why, after talking about it together, we decided that we’ll reblog anyone in the #EBLG tag, game-devs or not, however, our reblog will be tagged as follow:

- If you are a game developer posting in the #EBLG tag, your post will be reblogged in EnglishYaoiGames with #EBLG in our reblog tag

- However, if you are a tier person wanting to post infos about BL games in the #EBLG tag, our reblogged post will have regular tags without #EBLG

In short, yes, go ahead! The only difference is that we’ll sort the posts depending on wether you are a game dev or a tier info provider.

Hope it’s not too confusing. ^^’ And thank you for asking!

Promote your BL game!

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Our reblogs will include:

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  • Your game must contain at least contain one BL route/ending

For any question or additional information or suggestion don’t hesitate to send us an ask!

Hi! As long as you run a blog about BL games, I thought you could help me. Do you know any non-visual BL game? Like for example the games from Illusion (h-company) but instead of boobies, yaoi...Damn that would be so great (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ

You mean, a BL game with an actual gameplay that goes beyond just text and pictures, like some RPG or fighting game?

The first BL games that are’nt Visual Novels you’ll find are very short games like Touch & Tease (self-explanatory), Yaoi Tentacularity (puzzle game) or SugarShooter (vertical shooting game that needs an info page). By making further researches you are very likely to find a NSFW flash fames in dedicated websites.

If you want something more consistent, you could try Winter Wolves’s old-school PC RPGs like Loren the Amazon Princess or Season of the Wolf in which you can choose whether you end-up with a male or a female character. I also heard Mass Effect provides various gender and specie combinations in their 3rd installment, though only one “route” is MxM. In a nutshell, mainstream-oriented video games with optional BL material.

Following the same-sex options, there’s also patches that can somehow make it so you can get MxM relationships, like Artificial Academy 1’s Yaoi mod or Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town - True Love Edition

But if you’re looking for video games that were made by BL-lovers and for BL-lovers, and that’s probably what you wanted from the start, things are more complicated:


The first and only “completed” BL we know of in English is Duael, an hybrid-RPG games that has both Visual Novel elements and a battle system similar to Final Fantasy. The story and release, though complete, is still in a beta-state and it’s creator is still working on it and planning on making a V2.


Then there’s  Leodetable Institute, a WIP tumblr user Erda Enos is currently working on that will also contain RPG elements and a battle system.


On the Japanese side, Madalabo, the people behind Hadaka Shitsuji are collaborating with other studios to work on a shooting game called Tenrin no Guneval. However, the last updates in their official website dates back to 2012.


…and if I recall correctly, Angel’s Feather was actually a tactical RPG.

It’s very sad that there’s so little BL games that go beyond Visual Novel medium, but I gues it’s understandable since VN is probably the easiest, most affordable and most accessible video game form one can find.

Hope it helps!

  Anonymous said:
Sorry about this question but in the Hadaka Shitsuji info why does it say that Tomoaki was told he needs to find a husband? I don't remember someone telling him that... (though I only finished one bad and one of the guys' true route)

Which info are you referring to? I haven’t completed the game either and never heard of anything of the like.