What is a BL game?

A BL (Boys's Love game) is a video game that involves romantic relationships between male characters. They may or may not contain sexual material. The majority of them are Visual Novels.



We DO NOT translate video games! This is only an informative blog meant to spread the love of BL games.
Fuck That Guy



Language: English
Creator: Benji Bright
Release Date: 2013-02-01
Genre: Interactive Fiction
Engine: Twine
Platform: Web
Rating: 18+
Website: The Erotic Ledger

Official Description:

A branching narrative exploring a snapshot of the various sexual options open to the urban gay man. Get laid, rinse, repeat.

Other Links:

Puppy Love: Tonight’s the Night



Language: English
Creator: Studio Knockout
Release Date: 2012-09-28
Genre: Visual Novel
Engine: Novelty
Platform: Windows
Rating: Mature Audiences (no explicit sex, so teen?)
Website: Puppy Love

Official Description:

Join Silas, our hero, on the day of the Lantern Festival - when he has just the precious few hours of a school day to find himself a date!

Puppy Love I is our first full game, featuring a colorful cast of characters from FurAffinity. Twenty-five different characters make their appearances and reveal the story of a very strange school, where teachers are haunted by gypsy curses, the students bet on street-fights, and things always seem to go wrong. (Or a completely normal school, if you’ve ever watched an anime in your life.)

The player watches Silas’ day unfold and makes key choices that affect the course of the story. Some will affect events a lot. Others, not so much. You’ll never know until you try! Just think “What would I do in this situation, if given exactly four kind of weird choices?”

Okay, no, don’t think that. It won’t help.

Silas’ confidence will be shaken by unpleasant or awkward situations, and if he runs out of confidence he’s not going to be able to go to the festival with anyone! Keep Silas’ confidence high and explore the different paths in order to uncover the five different ending sequences!

Who will our hero choose tonight, or be chosen by? To go wandering through the festival arm-in-arm, admiring the sights and sounds… perhaps, even, sharing a cotton-candied chicken drumstick, caught up in the wonder of it all… Ah, the joys of youth.

Beware the gluebeast.

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  • Features a male protagonist with both male and female love interests.


My first impression of this game was “holy shit, I didn’t even know you could make Novelty games look good!” I’m used to stuff like Atashinoriri, where the fact that Novelty is buggy and crashes all the time becomes a meta joke/game mechanic. Puppy Love looks and feels seriously polished, and even has simple sprite animations. So, kudos for that, Studio Knockout.

The story is a fourth wall-breaking parody high school dating game, and it’s pretty hilarious. The cast is made up of FurAffinity characters; not being familiar with them, I’m probably missing some in-jokes and references, but that didn’t make the game less enjoyable.

The main downsides are the lack of an ending list and a “skip read text” option. The game has a lot of branching paths and endings, both BxB and BxG, and there’s no way to tell if I’ve found them all.

Still, it’s a lighthearted, funny game with a cleverly designed choice/branching system; not as good as the later games in the Puppy Love series (which aren’t freeware), but still worth your time. Recommended even if you’re not usually into furry art.


The demo is live!



We just put the download links here.

You now have access to the full version of Crossfire – chapter 1! Meet the soldiers you’ll have to work with, explore the political context the story is set into, and see if you can find some hints of romance ~ Do you think you can help Erwin survive this mission?

Let me state again that this is a demo and we’d love to hear your feedback to improve the game and make it better! Also, don’t hesitate to spread the word across the fandom to people who might be interested!

If you have any trouble running the game, let us know. Some know issues are already explained on the download page.

And now… have fun everyone!

I’ll post here a part of attackonbara’s /team page as it might interest some of our followers:

If you want to join the team:

The team as it is right now is able to complete the game, but some help could enhance the final project. So two positions are available right now:
- Editor: English is not our first language, so even with her best will, our writter may need some help for correcting vocabulary and grammatical issues.
- Music designer / sound designer: we don’t intend to voice the whole game, but we could include some sound effects (dropping objects, slamming doors…) Also, having original music for the game would be great, but none of us can compose.

If you want to apply, just send us an ask off-anon, and we’ll get back to you :)

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Please play my stupid game.

PSYCHOPOMPS (FROM THE GREEK WORD ΨΥΧΟΠΟΜΠΌΣ – PSUCHOPOMPOS, LITERALLY MEANING THE “GUIDE OF SOULS”) are creatures, spirits, angels, or deities in many religions whose responsibility is to escort newly deceased souls to the afterlife. Their role is not to judge the deceased, but simply provide safe passage. - Wikipedia

Psychopomp High is a visual novel / dating sim about friendship, love, and grim reaping.

Pizz'Amore (x)



Language: English
Creator: Seraphim Entertainment
Release Date: 2014-08-01
Genre: Visual Novel
Engine: Ren’Py
Platform: Windows/Mac/Linux
Rating: unknown (all ages?)
Website: Lemma Soft Forums

Official Description:

You play as either Mario or Maria, the owner and lone chef…
CAGE translation status update


Ah, so I’ve said this elsewhere already, but translators have dropped off the CAGE project. That’s one of the reasons it’s been a while since the last status update, things had to be reorganized a bit.

The current active translators on CAGE are myself (I’ll be working on Kujo’s route) and camicarlot (she’ll be translating Yoshimoto’s route.)

camicarlot has also been doing tons of editing and translation checking for CAGE behind the scenes already, which I’m SO GRATEFUL for! And Yoshi is her baby, his route couldn’t be in better hands.

Look forward to it!

Also…thanks to a tip from someone with far better programming skills than myself, I think I’ve figured out how to turn the CAGE translation into patch form.  The only thing is…now that so much of the project has been done in VNR it’s difficult to switch over to patch. So I’m thinking of perhaps finishing up the project in VNR first and THEN possibly looking into making a patch.  That would also give enough room to go back and edit a lot of the stuff in VNR.

Thank you for your patience and continued interest~

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MangaGamer Rely On Fans To Figure Out What Otome And BL Games To Publish



MangaGamer have recently expressed an interest in publishing “otome” (targeted toward women) and “Boy’s Love” (focusing on gay relationships) games within the visual novel genre. Otome game localizations are something of a rarity in the West, while official Boy’s Love releases are an even more rare event, but MangaGamer will address both genres with Ozmafia and No Thank You, respectively.

Siliconera caught up with MangaGamer’s Head Translator, John Pickett, to ask him what made the company look into these two sub-categories of visual novels. What we learnt was that it came down entirely to fan feedback and interaction.

Read the full article/interview on Siliconera!

Please be sure and let MangaGamer know what BL games you are interested in! This is a chance to get more localized and available for a cheaper purchase than having to buy imports. 

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Sukisho! First Limit: 0.7 Patch Released! (x)


This is JOAT’s 0.71 patch for the first game in the Sukisho series: First Limit.
What’s in the patch:

-Every possible choice (there are many variations) on your way to the Friendship ending in your first playthrough.
-Every possible choice (there are many variations) on your…
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See No Evil (x)

Hooray, I can submit a link now!

Here’s an excellent English bara game, See No Evil.

When Orsino wakes up naked in the forest, he’s convinced he’s at the tail end of a drunken binge, but before long he finds himself up to his neck in hungry demons! Help Orsino escape from the clutches of the wicked Demon Lord Barrod and return to his home.

See No Evil is a homoerotic visual novel with threads of classic puzzle adventure gameplay. And yes, it’s supposed to be in black and white!

Featuring over 20 tracks by Kevin MacLeod, Jason Shaw, and Dan O’Connor, See No Evil contains over 150 illustrated spreads and seven unique endings.

Great art, some interesting (lol) H-scenes, and a really sweet true end.

There’s a free demo so you can check it out, and the full version is only $12 USD. I don’t think this game is well-known outside the bara community, so I hope you can spread the word =)

(There’s another game on the Bigfingers site, Fantasy Football Locker Stalker, which you can download for free. But I’ve never played it so I can’t really say anything about it.)

freewareyaoigames asked: JSYK your submit link doesn't work =(

Thank you, it’s fixed now to allow submissions.