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Pics are from the BL game Lucky Dog and background is from Ransie3.

Title: Fire Emblem serie
Maker: Intelligent Systems, Nintendo
Year: started in 1990, first released in the west in 2003
Platform: Nintendo consoles
Filled under: Other - BL as subtext
Rating: all-ages


Fire Emblem is a serie of tactical RPG games with medieval settings in which you must control your group of units/characters and lead them to victory. Fire Emblem is nowadays known for it’s complex plots and sad stories that’ll rip you heart out and characterization as well of it’s varied cast full of pretty characters.

Another notable aspect of the serie that was first introduced in it’s 6th installment is the support system. Supports are conversations that can be engaged between two of your units if they have enough interactions during the campaigns by making them stay close, make one heal the other, etc… it has the effect of raising their stats when they are in nearby squares during battles and sometime alter their ending.

FE9, A-support conversation

The most notable Fire Emblem instalments in term of BL subtext are FE9: Path of Radiance (picture above) and it’s sequel Radiant Dawn for the close relationship between the hero, Ike, has with his long-time friend and strategist Soren, who he will “end up” with if they’ve got an A-support. Think I’d marry the princess Elincia I saved several times or this hot mercenary I often train with? Nah, gotta go on a journey with this boy that follow me everywhere anyway or with my catboy friend!

Legault and Heath, FE6: Rekka no Ken

Man there’s so many things to say about Fire Emblem but let’s leave it at that. On another note, TV tropes has a page dedicated to the whole serie’s homosexual subtext if you’re interested.

Title: Akaya Akashiya Ayakashino (or AkaAka if you can’t pronounce the whole thing just yet)
Maker: Haccaworks*
Translator: Rikoren
Year: 2011
Platform: Windows, PSP
Rating: 13+
Filled under: Other - BL as subtext


On the outskirts of Utsuwa City is a shrine, where the boy named Yue was born and raised. One day, led by his childhood friend Kurogitsune, he goes to play at the big winter festival. Brilliantly lit paper lanterns, noisy human figures. Seeing the outside world for the first time in his life, Yue comes across two mysterious boys. When he returns to the mountain he informs the shrine mistress Mikoto of what happened, and she tells him this……to prepare for “The Meal.” [translated by Rikoren]

This is an indie game that’s currently being translated by Rikoren on their Livejournal.

Also watch the video you won’t regret it.

Title: Melting Pot
Maker: Magichouse
English Publisher: Dlsite
Year: 2011
Platform: Windows


I have no money to buy food, no vision for future, and no one is waiting.
I would sooner die to buried in snow - It was a time thinking such a things.
“( A person ) dying on the street or death from cold”
The guy spoke frankly is this country……. the prince of AILES - LA - LA - ELICLICIL kingdom.
Even a prince cannot judge a dead person.
Taking the opportunity to began to grumble, a main character …. Mizuki release his consciousness.
However, the place where he awoke was not heaven, it was one unknown room.

Being apparently available entirely in English for purchase, this game would have undoubtely fit in the Translated category if the summary and available screenshots didn’t make it look like the translation was taken straight from Babel Fish or Google Translate.

Just a Quick note to let everyone know I added a search box, just below the descriptions. So you can easily search the tags in this blog. If there are any problems please let us know.

Title: Silver Chaos Fanbox: Eternal Fantasia
Maker: VividColor
Translator: Onadoru Euphoria
Year: 2003
Platform: Windows


Fandisk that contains the after-stories of all the Good Ends plus Hardius’s Bad End continuation and a few other bonuses like wallpapers and quizzes.

English patch and text translation can be found on Onadoru Euphoria.

I recently discovered that there was no post about it yet so here we go.

Title: DRAMAtical Murder Re:Connect
Maker: Nitro+ChiRAL
Translator: Yaoi Forever, Dramatical Rhyme
Year: 2013
Rating: 18+ for blood, gore, rape and beastiality
Platform: Windows, though it works decently with Wine on Mac/Linux


Re:Connect is DRAMAtical Murder’s fandisk that continues the endings both Good and Bad, as they were left off in the first game. Re:connect also contains a few other extras such as a matching game and the countdown voices.

Note that the stories can be read with 2 possible English translations:

- The english patch made by the same team that did the main game, available on Fuwanovel

Dramatical-Rhyme's pastebin translations in which many Tumblr users found more satisfaction as they found it closer to the original Japanese version.

In addition, here are a bunch of translations for short stories you may want to check, taken from this old post of mine:

Birthday short stories:
Koujaku | Noiz | Mink | Clear | Ren/Aoba

Valentine’s day:
Koujaku  | Noiz | Mink | Clear | Ren ; White Day : Virus & Trip

Drama CDs:
Koujaku, Noiz and Clear’s Animate Bonus Drama CD | Mink

April’s Fools Day : part 1 - part 2 - part 3

Allmate group discussion

Aoba’s Birthday Messages

Countdown voices (for Re:Connect):
Tae | Mizuki | Virus and Trip | Child!Aoba and Child!Koujaku | Clear
Mink | Noiz | Koujaku | Ren

Stellaworth countdown voices: (different and longer from above)
Ren | Mink | Noiz | Koujaku and Clear (remnants from Crazy Kouzu scanlations near the bottom of the page)
Allmate group discussion

CHiRAL Night’s post-Re:connect dialogues:
See Ayuuria’s masterpost. Audio link at the bottom of each post.

Also more CHiRAL Night stuff here.

Summer Side Stories - SSS : (mostly re-translations from Chinese)
Koujaku | Mink | Clear (partial) | Noiz | Ren (partial)

If you know about other available translations, please don’t hesitate to leave us a message!

Title: Lamento Treasure Disk
Maker: Nitro+CHiRAL
Translator: TLWiki
Year: 2006
Rating: 13+ (doesn’t contain sex but main game is 18+)
Platform: Windows


The Lamento Treasure Disk is a bonus that came with the main game Lamento ~Beyond the Void~’s First press edition. In other words this bonus was only available for a limited amount of time and thus can no longer be bought from official sources.

The only part that needed translation was the single short story, which is probably why the treasure disk got a proper English patch way before the -crazy long- main game.

How to patch the game (for Windows users):

1°) Get the Lamento Treasure Disk. You can grab it on Aarinfantasy, from the last post but you need an account.

2°) Mount the .ccd file with an image mounter such as WinCDemu or Daemon Tools Lite. You can now play the game! However, you won’t be able to patch it just yet because you cannot modify the disk image.

3°) If you are not offered to install the game, go to the local disk folder, which in my case is in the drive letter (E:), copy all the files…

…and paste them somewhere else. You may want to create a new folder called “Lamento Treasure Disk” in a place near the main game’s installation.

4°) Grab the English patch on TLWiki (bottom of the page), copy the file called nss-patch.npa and paste it in the installation folder you created earlier.

5°) The text should now appear in English as shown in the second picture. Enjoy the short story!

Title: Trinity Messiah
Maker: Core Dusk
Category: Other - unclear translation status
Rating: 18+ for sex, non-con, blood, mindbreak, BDSM and shotacon and lolicon as backstory.
Released in: 2006
Platform: Windows only


- Uke protagonist Takuto (middle) all men want to heck for some obscure reason and hiding everything from childish kouhai
-Takuto’s best friend and roommate Ryouta (right) who is (not so) secretly in love with Takuto
- Haishima Kou (left), mysterious man that knows a lot about Takuto, owns a gigantic mansion. Vampire.
- Takuto and Ryouta somehow end-up in Kou’s mansion in which they will be emprisonned and everything goes downhill from here.

Strangely enough this game has no Opening video, is not entirely voiced (only the 3 main characters), seemed to have very little advertisement and yet got some nice soundtracks, got a fully voiced fandisk and was ranked 14th in Japan’s Top 20 BL titles of all times. It has only 2 (long) routes and 9 endings.

Someone posted partial translations, walkthrough and summaries for about half of the game based on translation tools (AGTH, Atlas) on this website but hasn’t given any news since october 2007. Additonally, another person posted translated videos of the end of Kou’s route on Youtube in 2010 but little is known about them.

Hence, this game is filled under the “other” category as no clear and complete translation is available but they can be handy if you plan on playing the game anyway.

Hey :) I know the two of you mainly do Yaoi games, but I recently found the Yaoi Wiki for games as well as anime/manga, which I guess had been abandoned a while ago because although they have lists of content itonly had ~20 pages. I'm sure you're super busy with your blog and don't have time to help edit pages, but as a blog that has the same goals as the Yaoi Wikia would I was wondering if you wouldn't mind giving it a post since I'm sure all your followers play the same games we need info on.

(2rd part:) I ran out of room but ‘yaoiboyslove’ is the extension for the wikia and I really appreciate you taking the time to work on this blog as well as the time to read my messages!Thanks :)!

Sorry for the (very) late reply! First time I ever heard of this wikia.

Well, as you can see contributing to a yaoi wikia will be a bit complicated now considering the amount of information we already have to provide on this blog.

I considered creating some kind of shared BL game info base, though. A place in which I and hopefully other volunteers would provide informations about how to install and run BL games in different platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux). These entries, however, are a bit on the techie side of the fandom and I’m not sure they would have their place in a general Yaoi Wikia.

That said, making short pages with overviews of BL games with summary, platform and overal infos already provided on this blog is definitely possible. Just keep in mind that we’re pretty busy at the moment.

I guess I should write an announcement here if I ever add something on you the wikia.

Here is the link for the wikia for those who are interested.