English Yaoi Games
This blog is dedicated to BL games available in English.

Our goal is to provide information regarding available translations for BL games, or Boy's Love video games in general.

We are not affiliated with any game maker or translation team.

Pics are from the BL game Lucky Dog.

Here is a list of completely translated games. Note that most of the 18+ contain rape and possibly other triggery contents (like blood, gore, etc…)

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18+ BL games (contains sexual content)

Absolute Obedience  Licensed by JAST USA
Coming Out on Top Demo 
Dramatical Murder  
Enzai - Falsely Accused  Licensied by Jast USA
Hunks Workshop 
Melting Pot  Google-Translate-quality translation
Monkey Jaken Strip 
Naked Butlers 
Silver Chaos 
Togainu No Chi 
Touch and Tease  
Yaoi Story     
YaoiTentacularity    Puzzle Game
Kuro no Tsuki

All-Ages (no sexual content but may contain other triggering contents)

Animamundi - Dark Alchemist 
Ashiteru No Strawberry Breeze     
Break Chance Memento    
Dream Savior Gakuen    
East Tower  
Full Circle     
I Love You Brother     
Left of Center    yaoi options
Loren Amazon Princess Paid      - RPG - gender option
Love Academy -YAOI- |
Kitty Love    
Night at the Hospital     
Prince Maker Braveness  - gender option
Sacred Sand     
The Forgotten and Wishful Days    
Vampire Darling |  

Fan Games (adapted from popular series, games, etc…)

D.Nd: Poisoned | Death Note, Mello x Near      18+
Puppyshipping - The Puppy Needs Master | Yugioh      18+
Summer Days | Sengoku Basara     
Tales of Y-Kakuen Tales Of series     
Love Impact | Yami no Matsuei     
Yami No Romance | Yami no Matsuei  
Love & Quiz | Loveless     
Durarara Yaoi Game  18+
Opium Eater | DRAMAtical Murder     
DMMd Fan Visual Novel | DRAMAtical Murder - Free     
Sacred Sand    
Duael - Get In His Hitbox!