What is a BL game?

A BL (Boys's Love game) is a video game that involves romantic relationships between male characters. They may or may not contain sexual material. The majority of them are Visual Novels.



We DO NOT translate video games! This is only an informative blog meant to spread the love of BL games.
I am a terrible person for taking so long to answer these >_<

Hmm….well it would depend on what you like feel free to take a look at the games list but some of the more popular ones are togainu no chi, dramatical murder, hadaka shitsuj. togainu no chi and dramatical murder are made by nitro+ and they are known for more darker stories (ive only played a bit of dramatical murder but i think it gets dark from what little ive read about it. ive partially played togainu no chi and that ones pretty grim) hadaka shitsuji just seems so ridiculous buuut has trigger warnings.

absolute obedience is good for pure smut its kinda silly i think so at least i get a kick out of it, it’s also licence so is enzai (prison rape trigger warning with that one) 

if you want something more SFW Night at the Hospital and Animamundi are good. 

Sorry if I’m not much help maybe some of my kind followers can suggest some games too? 

What other games are you having trouble with? As far as Lamento, I’m not sure but i found a few instalation guides that may help you: one two three (this ones a video for winXP) if these dont help let me know ill do my best to help you. 

Torrents and direct downloads are different things. Torrents you would need a torrent client like utorrent or deluge if you arent sure how to torrent here is a guide. For just the english patch alone here ya go 

if you are willing to fuwanovel is probably the best place to torrent. but if torrenting isn’t your thing and you prefer direct download try erogedownload (you would need to download each part and i think if you unzip the first part with winzip that should unzip all the others and combine them) 

Hmm where have you downloaded them from? I found this which might be helpful it has download links but also help on installing and downloading. If this doesn’t help you out let me know I’ll do my best to try and help you. (oh this might help too)

I think you can download here (the link has nsfw screencaps) and the partial english patch here its in the middle of being translated still so i dont think there is a full english patch yet.

Here ya go (it has pretty bad english translations by the way, also don’t forget to have your computer set to japanese locale or otherwise it wont work)

aww thank you very much <333 that makes me so happy to hear ^_^ i eel bad like i dont dedicate myself as much as i think i should with this blog and i get so lazy sometimes haha. but thanks im glad to see this blog has taken off ^_^

I did not find any info on it being translated. The best I found was this link to download it and these videos with english subs

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